My Neighborhood

written by, Jonathan Palmer, featured on the Stevens Square Loring Heights Neighborhood mural, 18th Street and Nicollet.

I remember the summers spent out front
Watching the children run through the park
While I sat on the front stoop
Laughing with my neighbors
At the strangeness in our lives

And I wonder rolex datejust how you
Who have never sat on the steps
And felt the sun on your face
As we drifted lazily into the evening
Can shudder at the mention of my street

Community is what you make it
And the lifeblood of any neighborhood
Ageless, sexless, colorless
Just a smile and a original use of the watch hello
To let you know it�s okay

This is where I live
My hearth, heart, and center
The place where ofake omega watches all manner of dreams and tragedy befall
And where I have family to tell it to
My Neighborhood, my family, my community, my home